SolarBee: for healthy, clean and safe water

SolarBee products are designed to circulate large volumes of water. Scientific research and practical experience have shown the circulating and mixing of (surface) water leads to better water quality. If the water quality is already up to par, the SolarBee assures that the quality is maintained.

Medora Corporation, established in North Dakota (U.S.A.), developed the SolarBee. Worldwide the SolarBee has been used in more than 3000 projects. MH WaterZaken is the dealer/distributor for Europe.

SolarBee products offer a solution to today’s water quality problems. By circulating substrates of water, the SolarBee:

SolarBees are designed for:

SolarBees are powered by solar energy. There is also a “Bee” that works off the electricity network, called the GridBee.





Solarbee is een product van MHWaterZaken..
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